Thursday, October 14, 2010

Forever and a dog's day...

Boy life can really turn itself right upside down and slap you silly in the face before you can even begin to comprehend what is happening. The past couple of months that I've had has been testimonial to that fact...more so than any other time period in my life I do believe.

This past Columbus Day marks the 1 year anniversary to the biggest wake up call that I've ever then one year old son was kidnapped by his own father. The Tuesday after Columbus Day last year I spent the entire day in court doing something that I'd never, ever thought I'd have to be doing. And at 7pm that evening I got the call I was waiting for all day, the police knew the location of my then one year old baby and even though he was a three hour drive from me, I felt the most thankful than I ever have before. My son was ok, and in a mere three hours (compared to the previous 5 days of not knowing where he was period - yes those 3 hours were in fact mere) I would be holding my baby in my arms again.

As of this week, one entire year has passed from those horrid moments in time. I have used this year to grow, learn, and figure myself out. I have accomplished a LOT in that year! And I have changed even more. Things I thought that mattered, I've found, really don't. And things that I never thought mattered...really do. My way of thinking and how I process situations in my life have all changed, for the better. I've gone from being a chaotic mess, to a woman who has organization, purpose, and most importantly, stability.

All day Monday, I walked around with a dead feeling in the pit of my stomach. But near the end of the day I realized that I was getting sick to my stomach over an event that had happened in the past, and I was letting a little part of it effect me now. Of all the lessons that I have learned this past year, the greatest one is this, "Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, and Today is a gift, that is why it is called the Present."

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  1. What an awful way to learn such a good lesson. I can't even fathom. Glad you are happy and well. Stopped by from New England bloggers to say hi.