Thursday, April 22, 2010

Magazine Street Designs

I know everyone has made a collage of some sort, whether it was in school for a project, taping up tons of posters of new Kids on the Block to their walls (maybe that was just me?), or even of some of your favorite photos in those neat little collage frames.

Samantha of Magazine Street Designs, has mastered this art, I believe. She started with her room (even had items on her ceiling!), then a desk, and even her little brothers arm!

Samantha grew up right here in Maine and now attends college in New Orleans at Loyola University and makes these wonderful collage Eyeglass Cases, Tote Bags, Mirrors, Dishware and even SHOES!!! These creations come straight out of her dorm room!

I sooo want a pair of shoes.

Check her out here at Magazine Street Designs!!

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